Fixplus Strap 66cm.

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Fixplus Strap 66cm Length.

When it comes to securing loose gear, Fixplus straps are a fantastic eye-safe alternative to elastic bungee straps.   In fact, you'll find Fixlpus has more uses and can hold items more securely, all without the dangers of rebounding hooks, should an end come loose.

Use your Fixplus alone, with extra straps, "daisy-chained" together or wtih the Fixplus Strap Tightener accessory.    See the video below. (sorry, it's in Dutch!)

VERSATILE: Camping (securing), cars (fastening), sports (lashing, bundling), DIY & gardening.

+ ONE-HAND OPERATION: super simple quick release, no snap back, no scratching.

+ SAFE: guarantees a stable hold even with strong vibrations and impacts, even after frequent use.

+ TEAR-RESISTANT: tensile strength up to 90kg (test speed 200mm / min) and yet elastic and flexible.

+ UNBREAKABLE: Very durable, heat and cold resistant (-30 ° / + 60 ° C), sea water resistant, UV resistant.