Posted by Damien. on 3rd Jul 2022

Storacell Caddies are Back in Stock!

If you haven't recieved the Safecell email in the last couple of days (sorry for doubling up on that), we have some great news for you!Most of our popular caddies are back in stock in your favourite c …

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Posted by Damien. on 4th Feb 2022

FixPlus is Here!

After a nervous wait in Germany, our first shipment of FixPlus straps has arrived.   Pre-order has been removed and the straps are ready to ship with the first pre-orders going out today.A big Th …

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Posted by Damien. on 4th Jul 2020

Pricing Changes.

From today, you will notice that all our prices have changed significantly.   As we slowly move out of the COVID restrictions, Australia has moved into a recession along with many other nations. …

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Posted by Damien. on 19th Feb 2020

New Look!

It's time we gave Safecell a refresh and we think it looks great!    However, as this is a new template, some things have changed a little.   If you have any difficulty with the new web …

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Posted by Damien. on 5th Aug 2015

Diffulties with Checkout.

We have had reports that customers are ecperiencing problems at checkout.   We've looked into ti and what is happenening is the box to enter your CVC number is not appearing as it sould.Our since …

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