Q: How long does the Moonshine caddy glow?
A: All of the Moonshine caddies will glow for up to 8 hours if exposed to approximately 30 minutes of light.

Q: Do rechargeable batteries fit in the caddies?
A: Yes, each battery in a caddy fits into its own sleeve and must be within the specification measurements for that particular battery cell. Rechargeable batteries are almost always on the high end of that spectrum. We continually check the caddies with numerous brands of rechargeable batteries to make sure they meet the requirements.

Q: Where are the caddies manufactured?
A: PowerPax designs, engineers and manufacturs the battery caddies in St. Charles, Illinois with their parent company, Foreman Tool & Mold. Not only do they manufacture and produce parts at Foreman Tool, they also use local companies for product packaging, office resources, shipping supplies and sales/website development.

Q: Can I purchase Pelican cases not shown here?
A: Yes you can.    We can provide all items in the Pelican-Hardig-Trimcast range.    Go here www.pelican.com/australia/   to find the product you require then contact us with the model number and features.