Fixplus Gear Tightener 2.0

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Use the FixPlus Gear Tightener 2.0 set to fix waterbottles, gear bags or anything you can to your bicycle for your next bikepackign adventure, or just a some extra gear for a long day trip.  Using the M5 thread standard mounting points on your bike, the FixPlus Gear Tightener 2.0 aloows you a wider range of cargo that you can carry on your trip.

Packe comes with Three FixPlus Gear 2.0 gear Tighteners and Four (one's a spare!)k Hex-head M5 mounting screws with nuts, for more mounting options.

Weight: approx. 9 g (1 piece including screw)
Colour: black
Material: Synthetic
Max load: 1.5 kg