Posted by Damien. on 4th Jul 2020

Pricing Changes.

From today, you will notice that all our prices have changed significantly.   As we slowly move out of the COVID restrictions, Australia has moved into a recession along with many other nations.    This is the cause of major changes in our costs of sales, that is whay we have to spend more to bring our products into stock and sell them to you. 

With the sales and expense data we have, we found we can't keeop the prices we have and keep the business.    Everyhting just costs much more now, than when we started.  

Are our caddies still good value?   Yes, very much so!    Given the lifespan of the product and it's durability, a AA caddie ends up costing you about 40 cents a year or less.

We have yet to adjust the price of the LiPO batteries and chargers as there is a new 3000mha version and we are awaiting new stock and prices.

We hope our customers understand the nessecity of the changes and we look forwards to serving all of you in the future.